Price and validity: the unit price not including any OEM printing cost, price valid within one month after receiving the quotation
Price term: FOB Shantou  ( more  than 25 CBM )
*  LCL  or  FCL less than 25 CBM :   Ex-work  Shantou + handling charge
*  If FOB Shenzhen, there is a transport fee US$600 per container from factory to Shenzhen port;
Minimum order quantity and amount: 3000 pcs / design/ item ;   not less than US$5000 per item
Delivery date: within 30-40 days after , all the details are confirmed for 1*20GP
Payment term: * All the set-up costs and sample fees ,  100% T/T in advance.
* If the amount is less than US$50,000
         A)30% deposit,balance before shipment if a buyer nominated their shipping forwarder;
        B)30% deposit,balance after shipment only for supplier’s forwarder or a Marine Bill of Landing
Printing : Heat transfer decal printing , “ CMYK “  printing
* Our quotation includes : set-up cost ( CMYK + 2* white base + glue) ; decal costs ( by square meters) ; processing fee for printing quantity less than 1000M2 one time

if the decal need sample printing in advance, there is an additional process fee US$200 each time;
* heat transfer decals can only confirm by PAPER PROOF before setting –up the plate,  which set-up cost cannot be refunded after confirming the PAPER PROOF
* usually, several designs can be combined into one plate, which should be confirmed by supplier;
* decal set-up time : 10-15 days

Silk printing ,  
* silk printing may be charged according to color, one by one;
* normally, 1-2 colors logo printing is acceptable;  big size or full color printing will not be considered;
Plastic sampling: FREE plastic color chips according to the designated PANTONE color can be supplied;
* If the whole product should be made for sample in advance, sampling cost is US$200;
Packing: OPP bags or Shrink wrap ( Non - printing )
Printing OPP bags or header bags should be charged additionally.
Master Carton: 5-layer corrugated cardboard; mater carton quantity basing on factory’s standard;
* if changing the quantity or material of the master carton, or adding inner box, there is additional cost should be confirmed in advanced;
Sticker or instruction sheet: the factory quotation includes 1C sticker or 1C instruction sheet;
Color sticker, hang tag or instruction sheet should be charged;
Manufacturer: Shantou New Creative Plastic Co., Ltd